Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buffett & Munger: The "Mischief Maker"

From a Warren Buffett interview on Monday with CNBC's Becky Quick. First, they play a clip of an interview with Charlie Munger from over the weekend then Buffett comments on it.

CHARLIE MUNGER: Envy is a much more serious mischief-maker than greed.
BECKY: How so?
MUNGER: There's something in human nature that just can't stand even if you are making $5 million a year, that dumb bastard down the street is making $ 7 million.

Buffett's comments...

...envy seems to me the silliest of the seven deadly sins. The other guy doesn't feel it. You just feel worse. You are sitting there with your stomach churning because you are envious. It doesn't make a lot sense. I have always said, you know, if you are going to pick some sins from the seven deadly sins, go with gluttony and lust and you can have a hell of a weekend.

Check out the full interview.


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